You feel yourself being pulled toward the cavern

A society of 10,000 sentient Hounds with Serum coursing through their veins live beyond this cavern - at its mouth, caleb lockaw guards the way.

What Is Known

Caleb guards the gate. A former scientist of the Mutant Cartel that discovered a long-term sickness brought on by the Serum. Retreating into his work, he sought to find a cure by experimenting with the DNA of Mutants, machinery, Hounds, and forces that he shouldn’t.

Many Hounds are known to exist and all with different stories. Caleb was a pedant for process and documented his discoveries in journals that have since disappeared. Many of their pages and secrets have been found scattered across the Hideout.

Battle is Unfolding that divides mutants

and hounds will play a pivotal role

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